Best EDI Solution for Healthcare Suppliers

  • Complete all-in-one EDI solution
  • Lower monthly fees, special drop ship rates
  • Cloud-based portal that scales as your business evolves
  • Connects with any trading partners & integrates with any business application
  • LIVE support team, 24/7 system monitoring
  • No contract – month to month

Healthcare Supplier EDI

#1 Healthcare EDI Software for Suppliers

A complete EDI & eCommerce solution for Healthcare Suppliers: simple, affordable, reliable, cloud-based. Minimize data entry, simplify order processing and increase productivity with a complete web-based EDI solution.

Affordable All-in-One EDI Solution

We make EDI as simple and easy as email

    ✔ WebEDI is a cloud-based EDI portal accessed through a secure connection
    ✔ Intuitive web forms designed to look like standard business documents , such as purchase orders and invoices
    ✔ No need to invest in hardware, download software or perform routine upgrades. All you need is an internet connection.
    ✔ Join our network and expand your business with over 1300 healthcare organizations, hospitals and pharmacies.
    ✔ Connect with your entire network & easily maintain EDI compliance.
    ✔ Access to live U.S.-based support team.
    ✔ If you can use email, you can easily process EDI messages through DataTrans WebEDI solution.

Connect with any trading partner & integrate with any application

“DataTrans has done an amazing job streamlining all communication with our customers. It has taken our company to the next level. Wonderful customer service, and very responsive to all of our needs. Would highly recommend!”


-Brittany Kennedy

WebEDI Benefits

DataTrans’ WebEDI system provides customers with a simple and affordable way to become EDI capable.  Gain full EDI compliance with healthcare providers, organizations and hospitals from the industry’s premier EDI provider. Whether you are new to the EDI world or have years of experience, WebEDI provides an intuitive and powerful solution to address all your EDI requirements.

  • Affordable Low upfront and ongoing EDI costs
  • Easy Rapid setup and intuitive interface allows you to begin exchanging EDI quickly
  • Quickly connect to DataTrans’ network of hundreds of Trading Partners
  • Reliable Fully redundant architecture eliminates interruptions
  • Control Set user permissions to securely administer to multiple users
  • Simple No EDI training or extra technical staff required
  • Compliant A turnkey solution preconfigured to comply with your Trading Partners’ EDI Requirements
  • Network Quickly join a network of hundreds of Trading Partners

WebEDI Features

WebEDI is the most complete EDI solution with features designed to make EDI as simple and easy as email:

  • Connect: One portal for all Trading Partners
  • Secure: 128-bit SSL encryption and private network security
  • Stay Organized: Smart Filters organize documents based on specific criteria set by user
  • Intuitive: document association keeps transactions organized
  • Validation: Multiple validation levels improves accuracy of EDI messages
  • Visibility: Built in reporting real-time data analytics
  • Complete Solution: No need for separate modules. Your WebEDI includes:
    • ASN’s / Auto Pack: A catalog management system simplifies the order process and automates the Advance Shipment Notice (ASN)
    • Automatic Email Alerts: Indicate when new documents have arrived in your inbox
    • 997 Functional Acknowledgment: Acknowledgment are handled automatically

What is WebEDI?

The Basics of WebEDI

Easily process & manage EDI orders with all of your trading partners with DataTrans WebEDI

Take Your WebEDI to the Next Level with EDI Integration

DataTrans integrators act as translation programs that allow seamless integration with your WebEDI portal.  This saves you time, money and virtually eliminates the need for manual data entry.

  • Streamline Your Supply Chain Transaction Process with Accounting Integrators. QuickBooks Integrator: Your POs and Invoices can automatically flow between WebEDI and QuickBooks and vice versa.
  • Streamline Your Procurement Process with Shipping Integrators. FedEx, UPS Integrators: Sync tracking numbers in FedEx or UPS system onto ASNs in WebEDI and auto-generate your FedEx or UPS labels.
  • Pathway to Migration: Fully integrate your WebEDI into your company’s ERP system. Continue using your interface of WebEDI with your data automatically loaded into your company’s ERP. Learn more about WebEDI ERP Integration.

WebEDI: The Simple Solution to Achieve EDI Compliance

Since WebEDI is accessible through the Internet, any supplier can now become EDI capable in a short period of time with no new system requirements. All that is necessary is access to the Internet through a common web browser. DataTrans WebEDI is simple, secure, intuitive and reliable. Take advantage of this new e-Commerce technology and do away with the inefficient paper and manual methods of communicating with your partners.


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